Thursday, January 28, 2016

What does ____ mean? p 188 exercise (WP1)

Brushing your teeth twice a day is necessary for overall good health. Flossing is an essential part of that routine as well. Now let me explain what it means to brush your teeth. You have a toothbrush, which is similar to a hair brush except it is small enough to fit in your mouth. The bristles are the part that the toothpaste goes on and actually cleans your teeth. Toothpaste comes in many colors and flavors. You most likely want to get one that will remove surface stains, strengthen your enamel, and protect against cavities. You want to brush for at least two minutes just to make sure you are getting a thorough clean. After those two minutes have passed, rinse your mouth with cold water. The goal in brushing your teeth is to get rid of the plaque that starts forming on them after eating. You also want to brush to have white shiny teeth. As I mentioned before, flossing is very important because it removes the plaque that is going in between your teeth that may be hard to reach with the toothbrush alone. After brushing and flossing, there is a thing called mouthwash. Like toothpaste, there are many kinds. There are some that are very strong and some that have no alcohol in it so it doesn't burn. It is up to you which you would prefer. With toothpaste and mouthwash, it's all about personal preference. All mouthwash does is get rid of bad breath and gets rid of germs on your tongue, cheeks, and gums. You want to swish mouthwash for about 45 seconds and then spit out. Do not rinse your mouth after using mouthwash because then there will be no point in using it and it will no longer be able to do its job at fighting germs. After brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, you are now clear to smile and talk to friends without worrying if there is something on or in between your teeth!

What does it mean when I say brushing your teeth is necessary for overall good health? Brushing your teeth is important because germs are related to disease. By not brushing and flossing, you are putting yourself at risk for infection and disease. One of the couple would be gum cancer. Which is why dentists and even your mom make it such a big deal to brush AND floss at least twice a day. If you choose not to brush, these germs could make their way through your bloodstream and diseases could start there. People say that flossing alone is too much work, but I would take flossing any day over being told that I have gum cancer or some other illness. When you relate it to your health, it really does not take up that much time. If anything, you are taking about 5 minutes out of your day to make sure that your teeth, as well as your tongue and cheeks, and mouth overall, are clean. Which actually makes you feel a lot better about yourself too! Believe it or not, it gives you a little boost of confidence. Who doesn't like feeling good about themselves, right?

Analogy(Different Topic)
My idea of love is like having the whole universe in the palm of your hand. Loving someone and being loved by them is the most amazing feeling there is. Some will argue with me that love doesn't exist at such a young age and that it's lust not love. But feeling like you have everything you could ever need in life to be happy when you're with that special person is definitely more than lust. The need to have them close because they make you feel happier than you've ever been is more than just lust. It's love. And when you realize that you're in love, there's no going back. You're in too deep and you realize that you can't possibly be without that person because being with them brings you so much joy and happiness. Love isn't about the materialistic things, it's about the little things. Getting a good morning or a goodnight text shows that they were thinking of you when they first woke up and you're the last thing on their mind before bed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where to start?

The hardest thing about writing a paper is deciding what you want to write about. The second hardest thing is actually starting your paper. I am having the toughest time picking a topic for our first writing assignment. Literally nothing comes to mind and I'm slowly starting to lose my mind.


I love working out! I don't do it to impress anyone but myself. I want to better myself and be able to look back on how far I've come. Being at the gym is a great feeling because everyone there is giving their best effort. I just hate how when a girl walks into the weight room, the guys look at each other as if saying, "does she even know what she's doing?" I just don't like the fact that guys think girls don't know anything about working out. There will be times when guys constantly eye you and see what you're doing and I don't think there's anything more annoying. They say the gym is a judge free zone, but I personally don't think that's true. Girls get judged all the time as soon as they step foot in the gym and I just don't think that's fair. Like I said though, I don't try to impress anyone but myself. They could say all they want and just because I'm not doing workouts they would do, doesn't mean I'm doing anything wrong. We all have the same goal: results.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Homework Overload

Today, I am going to rant about how stressful college is. I don't understand how some people can't wait to go back to school after breaks. That just means more homework and more stress. Personally, I am one of those people that makes things harder on myself because I want everything to be done well. So if I don't do as well as I thought I would, I at least know I gave it everything I had. Doing this with all of my classes gets so overwhelming especially when professors throw a crazy amount of homework at you as if you didn't have any other classes besides theirs. Managing my time isn't easy but I'm getting better as the days go by. Sometimes I feel like there isn't enough hours in the day when I actually have to get something done. All of these factors make college so much more stressful than it needs to be and it's not fair.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Wednesday Morning

Everyday I find myself counting down the days until summer. Considering that I have lived in Chicago my whole life, I should be used to our horrendous winters by now but I don't think anyone could ever get used to the cold unless you live in Alaska. Yesterday I was walking back to my room after class and I can't even express how cold my face was when the wind hit it. Even though I was a walking icicle, I was so excited because the snow was melting and there was nothing left of it but tiny patches! I went to bed happy thinking there wasn't going to be any more snow for a while. This morning I got ready for class and as soon as I left my room, I saw the snow. I was livid. I didn't want to admit that it ruined my morning, but it did. Don't get me wrong, snow is great the first couple snowfalls of the year, but after a while it gets annoying. Having to be careful wherever you walk to make sure you don't slip gets tiring. Cleaning it off my windshield and shoveling the driveway gets old and boring. Snow looks so ugly when it turns into a grey slush! Nothing upsets me more than waking up to a blanket of snow. I was hoping to have a great Wednesday morning but the snow ruined that for me. I hope tomorrow is a better morning!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I learned today

Today I learned that you aren't necessarily writing a paper to your professor and that many of them get bored of reading so many papers simply because they are all so "normal" and people all have one way of writing papers. I learned that you could carry your message across by creating a voice and picking an audience who would be interested in what you're talking about.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blogging Rules

I believe that by blogging we are able to express ourselves. Many believe that we have certain responsibilities when it comes to doing so. I personally believe that everyone is free to say whatever they are feeling towards that topic because we are indeed speaking with our minds. As long as everyone is being respectful and honest with each other, speaking our minds is more than okay. While blogging, we also do not want to seem arrogant or just not use any common sense. It is a way of expressing ourselves but it should be done so with knowledge.
Blogging and communicating with each other are not very different to me. If we could say something online, then we should be able to say that in person as well. I believe it is important to keep your comments and responses reasonable and value the opinion of whomever you may be speaking to. We are all very different and we are not expected to think alike or agree with everything that is being said to us. If the world was like that, we would pretty much be robots and earth would be a very dull place to be. Communication with one another is not always easy because we need to know how to handle certain situations and how to respond to them. Being able to express your mind is a beautiful thing and we should not be held to having responsibilities when doing so.