Tuesday, March 29, 2016

My Research Question

Should parents allow their kids under the age of 8 to play football?

1. I chose to write about this topic because many parents think that it is okay to let their young child play football. Football is a very dangerous sport and there are many risks, especially in children. Children of this age run different risks than teenager and adults who play football.
2. I want to answer the question "why is this age group affected most?" I know people will read my paper and wonder why I chose to target that specific age group. Simply because their bones aren't mature yet, and especially their brain. Which is where concussions come into play.I want to be able to provide them with information that won't leave them wondering.
3. I want to answer this specific question because ages 5-12 is when parents usually sign their kids up with a football team. I am almost sure that many of them don't know the risks their child is being exposed to and how it could affect them later in life.
4. In order to answer this question, I need to learn about the development of a child within that age and how playing football would affect their development.
5. The experts I would turn to would be those in the pediatric field. They would be able to better address the problems as opposed to an adult doctor. I would also turn to the football experts, so I could get a better idea on how hard one has to get hit, and how often to cause damage so that I could better argue the topic.

Monday, March 28, 2016


This break, I had to watch a documentary for Anatomy class. It was about the brain and how we could actually train our brain to make us smarter.  I really wish this was easy to do because I have to memorize so much for that class and I honestly don't know how I'm going to do it. The worst thing of it all, is that if I memorize it for the test, I probably will forget about it pretty quick and there's a cumulative exam at the end of the semester. I am so scared as to how I'm going to remember information for the lab practical and for the lecture exam. I will study my head off to make sure I do well on the exams and also keep up with my other classes.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Easter Break

It feels as if we just got back from spring break and we're already taking another break! Many other schools don't have this break, but since we are a Catholic school, we have 6 days off for the Easter holiday. I am so excited to spend this Easter with my family, some who I haven't seen in a while! My boyfriend will also be joining my family this year, and I could not be any more excited! Seeing everything together and happy brings me joy. And also, I have no heavy homework to do besides study and I hope it stays that way so that I get to enjoy this break and not have to worry about homework.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

WP2 Experience

My overall experience with this paper was a learning experience. At first, I set out to write a paper about cannabis and what it is and also explain its effects. I thought it was a great paper and I was pretty proud about it. Unfortunately, it turned out to be more of a research paper as opposed to an informer synthesis. I didn't use my sources properly and I pretty much plagiarized almost my entire paper. After having a meeting with my professor, I decided that the best plan for me was to start from scratch and write about another topic. I decided to write about cheerleading. I chose this topic because I am very familiar at what cheerleading is, what it teaches, and its advantages. I was also able to incorporate the negative side by talking about injuries. The reason I know so much about cheer is because I cheered for three years in high school. Many people say that cheerleading isn't a sport and there is nothing more annoying than people saying that to a cheerleader. I decided to explain how cheerleading IS a sport in my paper. I had fun writing this paper because I felt like I would finally be able to convince people that cheer is a sport. I did so by using sources, personal experience, and background knowledge on the sport. I learned how to use my sources properly (I hope) and I was able to make this paper my own as opposed to my sources being "louder" than my own words. However, I didn't think it would be so difficult to explain something about a topic that I am so familiar with. I sat on my bed and thought about what I would say for a good while. I decided to say that cheer is a sport because it teaches life values, just like any other sport. I also mentioned that cheerleaders are also getting scholarships awarded to them too and not just common sports like football and basketball. Lastly, I talked about the risks that cheerleaders go through everyday a practice. I am not saying that other sports aren't dangerous. But if cheer wasn't a sport, why is it considered the most dangerous sport for women? Although I did not end up going with my original design plan and outline, I did my absolute best to explain how cheerleading is a sport and I had a great time doing so.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Reflection on Revision Process WP2

When I started writing the Writing Project # 2, I was torn between two topics but I felt like cannabis was a topic that many people know about but don't know the effects it has on the body. I wrote out my paper and thought it was such a great paper and that I was finished with it. It turns out I didn't use my sources correctly and I pretty much plagiarized over half of my paper. I didn't use quotations where I needed to, which obviously wasn't a good decision on my part. I was planning on just going over my paper and putting quotations around every quote and using my sources properly but my professor told me that most of my paper was quotes and for this assignment only about 20% of my paper could be quotes. So I figured it would be easier to start from scratch and rewrite my paper on cheerleading. I will inform my readers of what cheerleading is and why it is a sport, even though many people believe it isn't. This revision process is by far the most revising I've ever had to do (literally the whole paper) but I am glad I learned what I did wrong so that it won't happen again for this paper. Overall, it has been a learning experience.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I always feel that towards the end of a semester, professors always cram in work. The schedule quizzes 2 days apart, tests every 2 weeks. I feel like I'm being rushed in the learning process and barely getting any time to study and fully understand the material. I am taking 2 science class which both include lab and it's so hard to keep up with the work and memorize every bone in the body or every equation to solve for pressure. And on top of that, having to balance it with my other 2 classes. I feel like I'm drowning in school work and the fact that it's only my first year of college and everything is going to get so much more complicated scares the hell out of me. But they do say, "If your dream doesn't scare you, then it's not big enough."


I am so glad the weather is finally getting nicer! I love being able to wear just a cardigan and be completely fine. Since the weather is getting nicer, the days are going by faster! I have the motivation to get my work done because I know that in just a couple weeks I won't have to worry about school for almost 4 months! I want to be able to feel like I deserve my summer vacation by knowing that I did the best I could. Even weather in the 50's makes me happy because I know it won't snow or be freezing cold! I love feeling the breeze through my hair instead of col air slapping me in the face and leaving me with nothing but chapped lips. This weather is very enjoyable but I can't wait for summer.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Spring Break

I am saddened that spring break has come to an end. I had an amazing time in California. I stayed on the boardwalk on Venice Beach. It's crazy to see how everything is so different compared to back home Chicago. The weather was beautiful, especially after leaving 30 degree weather and snow! It was a nice little vacation that was long over due and I was able to finally breath, not worry about homework, and relax. Now, it's back to reality and time to work as hard as I can until summer comes!